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Warranties & Policies

Efficiency Program:

Defective / Loaner Unit

In the event of a defective All-in-One and/or touch monitor, Bematech will cross ship replacement (loaner) equipment,  prior to receipt of the faulty unit. Bematech will use a 2-day shipping method* to minimize downtime at the customer’s location.

In order to process this transaction, the customer must provide a valid credit card where an authorization for up to the full MSRP value of the product will be applied to the credit card.  Once an RMA number is issued by Bematech technical support, the defective product must be received within 10 business days. If the product is not received within 10 business days, the credit card will be charged for the amount authorized.

After defective unit is repaired, Bematech will ship the unit back to the customer.  The customer then has another 10 days, upon arrival of the repaired unit,  to ship the loaner equipment  back to Bematech. Once loaner equipment is received by Bematech the credit card authorization will be removed from the customers card.  Customer is responsible for shipping costs on the returning of loaner units.

*This method is only available for US and Canada (excludes Hawaii and Alaska). For Canada, due to customs, delivery time may take longer than 2 days.

Products covered by this new policy: AIO and Touch monitors

60 Day DOA:

DOA Warranty

What is DOA?

Products that customers have determined to be “open box” Dead on Arrival (DOA) or otherwise known as Inoperable Upon First Use (IUFU) and were customers have refused a warranty repair. Products that present hardware symptoms that prevent basic operation, upon first use out of the box.

DOA’s Terms

The DOA 60 day limited warranty periods hereof commence on the date of purchase by the end-user customer. These limited warranty provisions shall apply only to the end-user purchaser (first person or entity that purchased a new product for personal or business use and not for the purpose of distribution or resale). Products returned for DOA warranty service must be accompanied by proof of date of purchase and the model and serial number of the product. If at any time within the first 60 days of use, the product fails, Bematech will replace it with a new product.

During DOA 60 day limited warranty period, to exercise this limited warranty, the purchaser must first contact the place of original purchase, or  Bematech’s customer service.

Bematech will expedite the shipment of the replacement product via 2 day shipping method*. For return of defective product, the purchaser will be instructed to return or deliver the defective product at Bematech’s expense.

*This method is only available for US and Canada (excludes Hawaii and Alaska). For Canada, due to customs, delivery time may take longer than 2 days.

Advance Exchange Program:

Steps To Making An Exchange

  1. Check to see that you have purchased an advanced exchange warranty with the purchase of your product.
  2. Call 516.248.0400 and select Option 2 to speak with Technical Support, or email with the subject line “AEP Customer.”
  3. Please allow for 10-15 minutes of troubleshooting with our support team using either Team Viewer or Go To My PC.
  4. Provide your contact information, defective model name and Serial Number of the unit you would like to exchange in order to verify the unit is indeed covered under the Advance Exchange Program.
  5. Once your unit has been verified under the AEP you will be given a Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA #) to return your unit that has failed.
  6. Bematech will ship a new unit to your desired location.
  7. Once you receive the new unit, you will need to return your failed unit by carefully packaging it inside of the new box you just received.
  8. Print out our RMA Label and clearly display it on the box, Bematech will also provide a return shipping label via email to be placed on the outside of the box.Print RMA Label Here 

Service Overview

  • Service contract is available for purchase within 30 days from the equipment sale date and valid on any All in One terminal and LC Series Computer.
  • Service is available to customers in the Continental United States only.
  • Upon determination by a Bematech Technician that a product covered under the Advance Exchange Warranty Service has failed, Bematech will ship a replacement unit to the customer.
  • The customer is required to provide a valid credit card or purchase order to authorize the return of the original equipment and charges incurred outside of the Advance Exchange Program.
  • Should the unit being returned to Bematech be functional upon arrival, a restocking fee will be charged to the AEP Customer.
  • Services are only offered to Bematech  customers, however, exchange units may be dropped shipped to end user addresses for a nominal fee.

Exchange Schedule

  • Products requested prior to 1 PM EST Monday through Friday, typically ship that day. Requests received after 1:00 PM are shipped the next day except where the next day is a Saturday, Sunday or a US Public holiday, in which case shipment is made on the next business day. Products requested on Saturday, Sunday or public holidays are also shipped the next business day.
  • Although Bematech will use its best efforts to select a shipping firm that is reliable, Bematech cannot and does not guarantee the performance of the shipping firm. Overnight delivery may not be available or possible to all locations or due to interference of the weather or any other circumstances outside of Bematech’s  logistic department control.
  • It is understood by the costumer that the equipment will be delivered and that is when the service for Advance Exchange will be completed. It is not Bematech’s responsibility to install, configure or add any application that the product requires to fulfill its day to day operations in the end-users environment.

Equipment Return Procedure

  • The customer is responsible for physically exchanging the failed product with the replaced product. The customer must agree to return the failed product utilizing the Bematech shipping label or, make the return equipment immediately available for pick-up service. The return equipment must be packaged carefully using the Bematech box and packaging materials provided with the exchange, as Bematech is not responsible for products damage due to poor packaging or improper handling prior to or during transit. The Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA#) must be clearly noted on the box or it may be refused. Please remove any external attachments, cables, or power supplies, back up business data and third party applications as necessary. A credit card number must be given as collateral for the product being returned.
  • Bematech will pay for all freight and insurance costs for shipment of the replacement products to the customer by FedEx (Federal Express where available) or similar service, and return of original product from Customer to Bematech by FedEx ground or by similar service.
  • The customer must agree to return the failed unit to Bematech within 5 calendar days of receiving the replacement product(s). Customer is responsible for retaining all shipment tracking information for replacement product shipped to Bematech.
  • If the failed product, or any product component (power adapter etc) is not received by Bematech in a timely matter and the costumer cannot provide the proper shipment detail, the customer must pay the replacement cost of the provided unit or component. The replacement cost shall be 90% of the current list price of the Product. If the replacement invoice is not satisfied the customer account will be on hold for future service and sales orders.
  • In the event of refused shipment or failed shipment attempts to the customer, freight costs to ship replacement units will be charge to the customer.

Select an AEP Service

Warranty Periods:

All in One Terminals

SB9090 – 3 years from date of purchase

SB9015F – 3 years from date of purchase

LC Series Computers

LC8700/LC8710 – 3 years from date of purchase

LC8800/LC8810 – 3 years from date of purchase

LC7100 – 3 years from date of purchase

Kitchen Display System Controllers

LS6000 – 3 years from date of purchase

LS6100 – 3 years from date of purchase

KB1700 – 1 year from date of purchase

Customer Displays

LV3000 – 3 years from date of purchase

PDX3000 – 3 years from date of purchase

PD6000 – 3 years from date of purchase

LDX9000 – 3 years from date of purchase

LTX9000 – 3 years from date of purchase

LDX1000 –  3 year from date of purchase

Cash Drawers

CR1000 – 3 years from date of purchase

CR3000 – 3 years from date of purchase

CD330 – 3 year from date of purchase

CD415 – 3 year from date of purchase

Programmable Keyboards

KB5000 – 3 year from date of purchase

KB3000 – 3 year from date of purchase


LR2000 – 3 years from date of purchase

Touch Monitors

LE1000 –  3 years from date of purchase

LE1017 – 3 years from date of purchase

LE2000- 3 years from date of purchase

LE1015 – 3 years from date of purchase

Magnetic Stripe Readers

MR1000 – 3 year from date of purchase

MR3000 – 3 year from date of purchase


BR200BT – 3 years from date of purchase

BR400U – 3 years from date of purchase

BR800BT – 3 years from date of purchase

S100U – 3 years from date of purchase

S500U – 3 year from date of purchase

S3200U –  3 year from date of purchase

Units That Require Maintenance:

Return and Repair Process

To return Logic Controls and Bematech products for repair during the warranty period or after expiration of the warranty period, a valid Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number from Bematech’s Customer Service Department. RMAs can only be obtained by telephone at (516) 248-0400 or email at The RMA number, customer name and location must be clearly indicated on the outside of the returned package and on the enclosed packing list. Bematech cannot be held responsible for any products with packaging returned without an authorized RMA number. The Customer is responsible for packing the returned unit properly and for the cost of shipping the unit to Bematech. Additional damage caused in shipping due to poor packaging becomes the responsibility of the customer. Return shipping charges will be paid by Bematech on products under warranty via normal ground service for customers in the continental United States. Customers in all other geographies are responsible for return shipping charges from Bematech, NY. The customer is responsible for shipping charges to and from Bematech for products out of warranty or deemed not eligible for warranty coverage.

RMA Procedure

1) To request an RMA number from Bematech, please contact our tech support at  (516) 248-0400 or email

2) Download the RMA Shipping Labels and fill in the appropriate information.  Place the labels on the outside of your retrun package. Download RMA Shipping Labels

3) Bematech will send a fax or email notice that the product is being shipped back to the customer on the day of shipment from Bematech.

Warranty Exceptions:

Items Not covered Under Warranty

  • Misused, altered, neglected, abused or carelessly handled products, or products used for any unintended purposes
  • Failure and/or malfunction caused by dirt, dust, grease or other contaminates in the operating environment
  • Non-compliance with Bematech published requirements for electrical power
  • Non-compliance with Bematech published requirements for installation and operating conditions
  • Non-compliance with Bematech published requirements for operating use and maintenance
  • Repair, modification or replacement of parts/components by a non-certified Bematech service provider
  • Use of supplies, cables or other parts/components not approved or specified in Bematech technical documentation

The Bematech warranty is voided if the product case/housing is opened for the following products: customer displays, magnetic stripe readers, programmable keyboards, touch screens and kitchen display systems. In the event of occurrence of any of the above conditions the warranty becomes void and Bematech has no obligation to repair or replace the product. Except as expressly described above, the hardware, firmware, drivers and accompanying written materials (including the user’s manuals and installation guides) are provided “as is” without warranty of any kind, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. In no event shall Bematech be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential or incidental damages arising out of the use or inability to use Bematech products, even if Bematech has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

Out of Warranty Repair:

Repair Policy

Out of Warranty Repair charges will be applied to products sent to Bematech for repair based one the following:

1) The warranty period has expired.

2) If damage as determined by Bematech is the result of abuse, wear or damage caused by the other conditions not included in Bematech warranty. (Note: Customers will be notified prior to repair of this condition and must confirm via email for Bematech to proceed with repair services.)

3) If product sent for repair are confirmed to be in working conditions by Bematech technical support engineers whether under warranty or no longer under warranty (Note: Customer will be notified of such charges before return shipment to customer.) Inquiries Questions concerning Bematech non-warranty repairs service can be submitted via email at or by calling Bematech 516.248.0400.

Repair Charges

Out of Warranty Repair Service Charges for Peripherals and Kitchen Display System Modules (as listed below) $75.00 per occurrence includes parts and labor for each of the following Bematech peripherals:

1. All customer pole and tabletop displays

2. All keyboards and bump bars

3. Bump bars ($95.00  RS232 $110)

4. All cash drawers

5. All magnetic stripe readers (MSR)

6. All LM3000, LS3000 and LS6000 series Kitchen Display System modules Out of Warranty Repair Service

Charges for computer systems and LCD screens $110 per hour with a one hour minimum service fee (not including parts) on the following Bematech computers and LCD screens:

1. All models and configurations of LC8200 and LC6000 industrial computers

2. All LCD screens including touch and non-touch models

Out of Warranty Repair Service Terms and Conditions:

1. Customer is responsible for all shipping charges. (to and from Bematech)

2. Customer will be notified in the event repairs cannot be performed and replacement is recommended.

3. Customers will be notified prior to repair if repairs for computer systems and LCD screens are estimated to be more than one hour, the customer will be required to provide confirmation via email for Bematech to proceed with repair service.

Custom Products:

Products that have been custom engineered or modified by Bematech to meet the specific customer requirements may be subject to additional service fees. (Note: Customers will be notified prior to repair if such fees are to be applied and the customer must provide confirmation via email for Bematech to proceed with repair service.) Repair Warranty Non-warranty repaired products carry a ninety day warranty per the terms and conditions of Bematech standard warranty. Detailed information is listed above. Third Party Products Third Party Products (do not have Logic Controls or Bematech Logo) supplied by Bematech are subject to the original manufactures’ repair fees and lead times.