Logic Controls Releases KDS Manager v3.1

Industry Insight - June 14, 2013

Logic Controls has officially released KDS Manager v3.1.  The newly added features are a direct reflection of real customer inquiries that have been presented over the last six months.  Logic Controls is constantly seeking ways to enhance KDS Manager to accommodate special kitchen requirements. Share your feedback with us regarding your experience with KDS Manager and we can work together to improve your kitchen  operations.



Restaurants can plan ahead of their rush periods using KDS Manager’s Scheduling feature. You can program a set amount of your restaurant’s most popular lunch special into the daily calendar at a set time in anticipation of your breakfast, lunch or dinner rush.  Fifteen minutes (can be customized in the setup) before the crowd arrives, your kitchen staff can automatically begin preparing the special,  minimizing customer wait time and increasing volume of customers your restaurant can serve in a short period of time.

Transfer Orders

During high volume periods a station, for example the “hot station,” may be overwhelmed with the amount of orders coming in. With the Transfer Orders feature the preparation staff can transfer at their discretion some of their orders to a secondary station that has a lower volume of orders, for example the “appetizer station.”  More staff can prepare more orders simultaneously, increasing overall efficiency in the kitchen.

3D panel view

The 3D Panel View offers an updated look to a the kitchen station display that has been in use for many years.  The feature enhances the visibility of each panel and works best on a colored background, which can be customized to match your company’s style.

Ethernet Printer

KDS Manager is now compatible with Ethernet Printers.  This functionality is ideal for business owners who will be adding stations with only printers in the kitchen without LCD Screen or Bump Bars.  In this case KDS Manager will need to be integrated into the POS System and the printer will connect to a Ethernet switch. The Logic Controls MP4200 Ethernet Printer is the only printer compatible with KDS Manager in this scenario.

Multiple KDS stations

In previous versions KDS Manager could send an order to a maximum of two stations using the Order Mirror feature. In this updated version, KDS Manager can send an order to more than two stations. If an item requires operation from 2 or more stations, KDS Manager can set the same order item to all these stations.  For example, a grilled chicken salad requires operation at chicken grill station and salad station.  The order can be sent to both station and the expeditor at the same time.

Move rush order to the front of queue

In previous versions of the KDS Manger a “Rush Order” would appear in the subsequent panel with only a header that distinguished it from ordinary orders. When the Move Rush Order to the Front of Queue function is turned on, any “Rush Order” will automatically jump to the first order panel position, making it even more clear to the kitchen staff that the Rush order is of priority.

Manual order sorting

Kitchen staff can use the bump bar to position orders can be automatically sorted only by order waiting time.  Now the orders can be manually re-positioned on order panels according to the special need of different kitchen setup. Kitchen staff can use the bump bar to position orders manually in the queue to facilitate more efficient operation.  For example, staff can scan through order items and position similar orders consecutively on the screen.

Statistics report for each station

Statistical reports have always been available with KDS Manager but now the data is even more intuitive with the Individual Station Reporting feature.  Previously, reports would encompass the entire kitchen as a whole with every order grouped together. Now you can run reports station by station and as a result see which stations are busiest and plan preparation space and train staff accordingly.